Gary Persello Bonnie Van Hall studios

New works by textile bead artist Bonnie Van Hall and fantasy bronze sculptor Gary Persello

Fabulous beaded wearable art - Fine art fantasy bronze sculpture

This dynamic duo, Bonnie Van Hall and Gary Persello, are a talented artist and designer husband and wife team based in Arizona. Gary sculpts and produces fine art bronze sculpture, while Bonnie designs and creates beaded wearable art clothing, jewelry, and accessories using glass, precious metals and gemstones.  Both share an interest in artistry, artisanry and its spiritual aspects.

In addition to the ongoing production of new works, they are also currently setting up their home gallery and studio to be open to the public.

Unique Art Clothing and Jewelry

Master quality handcrafted beaded art clothing and jewelry for all occasions.

Fine Fantasy Bronze

Incredible fine art fantasy bronze sculpture by the Chesley-award winning artist.

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