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 Please note that all GlassWear items are one of
a kind. If an item has sold, it is sometimes possible
to have a similar item made for you, but this will
be determined by the availability of materials.
The same is true if you wish to request an item
be made for you in different colors or sizes. I'm
happy to oblige as long as I can acquire these
materials for you!

GlassWear Art Couture
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Prescott, AZ  86304
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Care of Your Beaded Items


Beadwork is by nature fairly fragile, being woven
as it is with delicate materials. It could be said
that it literally "hangs by a thread.
All GlassWear hand-beaded items are thus
constructed with great care, and with particular
attention to their strength and wearability.
However, the wearer must be equally aware that
these items require some careful handling. All
GlassWear beadwork will hold up well with normal
and careful use. I personally have pieces in my
collection that I've worn for more than twenty years
with no need for repair.
This being said, however, occasionally a piece
is damaged through use and requires a repair. This
service is available for my customers upon request.
As for the maintenance of your beadwork, no
cleaning is required. If you still feel some type of
cleaning is needed, I would recommend plain soap
and water rather than any type of chemical cleaner.

©2010 All art by Bonnie Van Hall; all images by Bonnie Van Hall and Gary Persello unless otherwise noted.