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Gary has spent a total of twenty six years working at a local bronze foundry, which helped him evolve into the competent and creative Bronze Sculptor that he is today. It allowed him to master all aspects of the casting process including mold-making, pulling and working waxes, welding and assembly, rough and finish chasing, and his specialty, multi-color patinas. To this day, Gary still executes all of these steps himself on every bronze he produces, an uncommon practice among bronze artists of today. His work thus represents a caliber of excellence in artistry and craftsmanship rarely found in contemporary bronze sculpture.


His work has been featured in several books, including Spectrum 1, The Frank Collection, and The Chesley Awards Retrospective.


Artist Statement

"Creating fantastic and mythic works has been and continues to be a lifelong love and commitment for me. When creating sculpture, the joy for me is in translating imagery from my mind's eye into three-dimensional reality. It's an intriguing challenge to project a dynamic two-dimensional graphic image outward visually into 3D reality. That challenge fuels my imagination and inspires me daily. I am also drawn to continue creating works on a heroic scale."

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