Gary Persello-Fine Art Fantasy Bronze Sculpture

"Genesis of the Djinn (God) Within"
pictured in original clay

Genesis of the Djinn (God) Within

This piece represents the spirit, transcending and breaking the chains of its bonds with the material world. The genie (spirit) has been shut away in its vessel (the earth), but is now breaking free. As it escapes, it shatters the cherished structures and forms (religion, money, human-centered ideals) that have made up our lives, but which have become too limiting. The smoke he trails, made up of DNA strands (the serpent of life twining around the tree), is the force of evolution that invites us to change and become what we truly are meant to be--Spirit Man. The Genie is the creative genius that lives in our "genes" and in our innermost being, a symbol of that portion of God that dwells within us all.